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Life Care Center of McMinnville helps Muns recover from sudden illness

Left to right: Mark Bzik, physical therapist; Ray Muns; Bethany Kleiber, physical therapist; Sylvia Muns, wife

When Ray Muns came to the emergency room complaining of sudden abdominal pain and pain in his right shoulder, he was diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm and hemoperitoneum extending throughout his peritoneal cavity...

Life Care of McMinnville helps man recover from sepsis, amputations

Raymond Leatham and his wife, Kathleen

Carlton, Oregon, resident Raymond Leatham is back home again after dealing with sepsis and two toe amputations, thanks to rehabilitation at Life Care Center of McMinnville, Oregon.

When Leatham arrived at the skilled nursing and rehab center on May 24, 2018, he was very weak and had decreased cognitive awareness...

Green family shares experience at Life Care Center of McMinnville

Martin and Laura Green

Associates at skilled nursing and rehab facilities love to see the results of their work as patients regain function under their care.

Every now and then, a family shares a letter thanking them for their assistance, and such was the case for the Green family....

Fall & sepsis patient regains function at Life Care of McMinnville

“Therapy is very good. Twice a day, seven days a week helped tremendously.”

Rehabilitation at Life Care Center of McMinnville, Oregon, was a game changer for Jack Morrison.

Morrison had fallen at home and bruised his back, and unfortunately, he did not bounce back right away. In fact, he developed sepsis (an infection in the bloodstream) and became very weak....

Life Care Center of McMinnville helps stroke patient return home

Frederick Hisaw works on home skills with Heidi Park, occupational therapist assistant

Frederick Hisaw’s wife found him on the floor of his bathroom after having a stroke.

An ambulance took Hisaw to the hospital, where he was treated. On May 28, 2017, he came to Life Care Center of McMinnville, Oregon, to begin his rehabilitation....